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All staff on our Manchester United Soccer Schools are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of every player. The following highlights some key information on the physical aspects of the Manchester United Soccer Schools.

What will happen if my child gets injured during the Manchester United Soccer Schools ?
Injuries are unfortunately part of contact and collision sports such as soccer. A fully qualified professional, will be pitch side at all sessions to assess injuries and treat them accordingly. Anything urgent and the child is taken to hospital immediately. The coach will assess the injury on arrival and offer advice.

Our Manchester United Soccer Schools coaches help to minimize the number of injuries by ensuring that all children actively partake in an extended warm-up and cool-down before and after every session.

What if my child has an existing injury/weakness when they start the course?
If your child has sustained an injury prior to the course, please inform a member of staff as soon as possible. All staff will be notified of the injury so they can monitor any changes.

We take great care when dealing with minor injuries, treating them thoroughly and effectively in order to reduce the chance of long-term problems.

If my child is sick or unwell on the Manchester United Soccer Schools what happens?
Minor problems are treated by coaches. If a child is unwell, he or she will be taken to a doctor or to the hospital, accompanied by one of our members of staff.

Avoiding blisters…
New boots, particularly in the summer when the ground is hard, can cause blisters. If your child has new boots we advise to ‘wear them in’ before the course starts to avoid the risk of blisters. We can treat blisters, along with any other minor injuries – abrasions, strains and bruising.

Diet, Nutrition and Hydration:
We monitor each child to ensure he/she is eating and drinking enough to meet the demands of the Manchester United Soccer Schools. We also talk to the children about key food groups and the importance of a healthy diet.